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About the Centre

The Centre for Systemic Risk Analysis focuses on studying threats to systems on which the functioning of humans and societies critically depends, and on seeking and supporting ways of minimising these threats. The Centre is transdisciplinary in nature. It brings together researchers from different research fields and traditions, trying to create a coherent theoretical perspective that goes beyond the perspectives of individual scientific disciplines.

The Centre’s area of interest is the following classes of systems:

  • the environment and the social consequences of its changes,
  • economic and financial systems,
  • the aging brain
  • social systems and ethics.

Within this broadly defined framework of systems, narrower areas are defined on which the Centre’s current activities focus. New themes may be added or existing themes may be closed. The initial themes that the Centre wants to address are in each thematic area:

  • Climate change and its social consequences.
  • Sustainable economy and stability of financial markets. An economy geared towards long-term growth and minimising environmental damage.
  • Social capital and cooperation versus conflict, polarisation and radicalisation. Social consequences of development of artificial intelligence and new technologies. Social consequences of aging.

These three thematic areas are interconnected and research will also address the relationship between processes in these areas.

The Centre for Systemic Risk Analysis operates within the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” of the University of Warsaw. It operates within the framework of the University of Warsaw, but it is open to members, research and apply for scholarships from outside the University.