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General background

  • The Centre combines the approach of social and natural sciences. These two approaches will work closely together.
  • Social processes and ethics. Social processes are fundamental in all subjects, but also the ethical issue is very clear. The task of the social group is to better and better understand social processes relating to all thematic areas of the Centre’s activities, in particular the issue of social change. They also develop research methods for studying the functioning of social systems, e.g. narration in traditional and social media. They also conduct research on effective methods of communication of systemic threats and ways to avoid or reduce them. The social-humanistic part, apart from developing theories, will follow social narratives in the area of issues of interest to us (automatic monitoring of the press and social media, researching ethical issues in these areas and determining effective ways of acting, e.g. how to change attitudes and behaviour towards climate change.
  • Mathematical modelling and computer simulations. The essence of the Centre’s activity is to combine a deep insight into social sciences and humanities and the wealth of empirical data with precise mathematical models and computer simulations. The Centre develops methods of system risk modelling and simulation and models specific systems currently being studied by the Centre.

List of projects

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